Sunday, December 18, 2011

Up All Night Again

Recently, I have become the crankiest woman to walk the earth. I dont know what happened to me.. Okay, I know exactly what happened. I got pregnant. I am like 23/24 weeks prego and for some reason my back is not loving it. I toss and turn all night with no relief. I usually fall asleep when its time to get up. Being a person that NEEDS my beauty sleep, its NOT pretty. Im moody, snappy, sleepy, and growing lazier by the day. Its 4 am right now and i've had zero sleep. On top of that the tolite over flowed so now I have to stay awake to wash the rugs that got soaked with tolite water.
The crankiest woman alive


Penny said...

Oh man! A backache, AND an overflowing toilet! Yikes, you have the right to have a bad day! Love Penny

Izzyb said...

Sending you hugs! It gets better. I look forward to reading your updates. New follower. :-)