Sunday, April 21, 2013

Synopsis Sunday Week 16

     Last week I had fun with creating a magazine cover. This week was not as fun... I was assigned to recreate a movie poster, and to illustrate how the font of my choice speaks to me. You can read about those on my other blog,

     We are doing good. We are beginning the kids in extra curricular activities. DJ chose boxing and Zan' Drea chose dress up...which we are assuming means she want to do something that allows her to dress up? We are looking into modeling. We will see how that goes. She doesn't like to listen so that may not be the activity for her.  If not we will find one better suited for her.
     I never realized how expensive boxing is. DJ is too young for a boxing gym to take him, so Dennis agreed to work with him until he is old enough for real training.
     Daidrian is becoming allot more independent. Which is awesome. He will crawl around and go play by himself with no issues. He doesn't get into anything besides the toy box, which is fine.  :)

     I am currently reading the 4th book in the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristen Cast.  I finished the first three over the past couple weeks and I am really enjoying the series. Look for a post soon on books 1-5 of the House of Night series.

Scrap Cave
     I was so excited to receive my desks on Friday that I have spent all my spare time putting together what I refer to as my scrap cave. Its not really a cave, heck its not even a room, more of a corner. But is all mine!!! Now that my work area is up and running, its time to get some crafting in. Yay!