Saturday, June 4, 2011

Need New Company Name...HELP

So I was trying to build a website, which I have no idea how to do, and I was registering my domain name,, turns out there is already a company that has that name. They publish your family story (written by you) for you. This really sucks big time because Legacy Preservation fit so nicely with my company and what I do. Scrapbooking+Genealogy=Legacy Preservation, see what I'm saying. So perfect, yet so not happening. I am verry mad right now and would really love the current Legacy Preservation to go out of business like tomorrow. Yes, I am hate'n right now. But now I need a new company name. Which is NOT easy to come up with. I feel like screaming right now. you know what, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!, there I feel slightly better after my virtual scream. Now I must set to work coming up with a new name for my company, than register it immediately. Going to bed mad is never good, but its late and I can't help that my blood is boiling with anger that I cant have what I want. If I was 2 I'd be on the floor kicking and screaming right now, but I'm not so off to bed I go.

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