Friday, June 3, 2011

Sharp books

I checked out "How to do Everything Genealogy" by George G. Morgan from my local library yesterday, in hopes that I would come across some good info. Well, its packed with websites and examples, the only problem is its paperback that has been laminated and the edges of the cover are so sharp I keep scratching my forearms on it. I don't mean little scratches that just leave a white mark. I'm talking bright red scratches that come up off my arm. This is causing me not to want to read the book. People are going to think I recently tried to kill myself via cutting. Dennis (my hubby) told me to read with the oven mitts on, which I'm sure would work but how irritating is that going to? Plus, I'd have to take my mitt off every time I wanted to turn the page. So now I'm out of ideas and will probably have deep scratches on my arms for the next week or so until I finish the book. So, if you see my arms looking all messed up please know I am not a cutter, I just have a violent library book.

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