Saturday, August 13, 2011

My New Embellishment Storage

     I am in the process of changing how I store my embellishments, so I decided to show you my new system. I actually found the idea on YouTube, the chick was using coffee bottles to store her embellishments. I am using baby food jars, Snapple bottles, pickle jars, jelly jars, and any other glass jar I find that I can recycle.

     Supplies Needed:
Empty glass jar (I am using baby food jars and Snapple bottles)
1 SOS pad
Sponge paint brush
Paint (I used Persian pink by Folk Art)

     First I peeled of all the labels and washed the jars. Than I took the SOS pad and scrubbed off the icky gunk left from the labels. I let them dry, than painted the lids pink, TA DA!!!!!!!

I did learn that it was easier and less of a mess if I left the lids on the jars when I painted.

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