Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Alta Helen SMITH's blood line

     Tonight is another one of my sleepless nights, as usual, but tonight I decide I was going to get up and do something instead of laying in bed. So I jumped on the computer and decided to do some genealogy work. I pulled up the MyHeritage program that I use, and froze, its been so long since I've dont any research that I didnt know where to start. I decied to start fresh I typed in the letter A in the search box and the first name to come up was:Alta Helen SMITH   So I a starting with Alta tonight.

 Alta Helen SMITH
sex: Female
born: 4 March 1918 in Slate Creek, VA
death: 11 Oct 1928 in Stacy, VA
Cause: ?
Father: William Harrison SMITH
Mother: Frankie VANCE

As you see poor Alta died at the age of ten, so I can not research her spouse(s) and children. So I will start with her maternal line and work on that.

Frankie VANCE
sex: Female

born: 6 Sept 1896 in Slate Creek, VA
death: 20 Aug 1960 in Grundy Hospital, Gruundy, VA
Father: Alexander VANCE
Mother Nancy Jane STACY
Married: William Harrison SMITH on 3 Jan 1912 in Slate Creek, VA

Frankie and William had 7 children that I have found thus far. Supposedly, there are 2 more, but I do not have any info on them. Not including Alta below are thier children.

Andrew Carl SMITH (male) 1913-1980
Edith Faye SMITH (female) 1914-1914
Kermit Bascom SMITH (male) 1915-?
Curtis SMITH (male) 1920-?
Dewey Harold SMITH (male) 1926-?
Kennith Edward SMITH (male) 1932-183

Nancy Jane STACY
born: 13 Oct 1860 in Grundy, VA
death: 14 May 1934
Father: Clinton STACY
Mother: Sarah (sally) YATES
Spouse: Giles William YATES, Alexander VANCE

Alexander VANCE
born: 3 July 1842 in Tazewell, VA
death: 4 June 1916in Tazewell, VA
Father: Elijah VANCE
Mother: Jane VANCE

It is now past 3 AM and I am starting to get sleepy, so next time (prbably tomarrow night) I will pick up on Alta's paternal blood line. Below is what I already have:

William Harrison SMITH
born:25 Jun 1893 in Slate Creek, VA
death: 25 April 1980 in Grundy Hospital, Grundy, Buchanan Co., VA
Father: Richard SMITH
Mother: Sarah Margaret McCLANAHAN


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