Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Storyteller or Journalist Scrapbooker?

I haven't done much crafting lately, or much of anything for that matter. My entire family has had some type of stomach virus. Not to worry though, we are all almost fully recovered. While laying around sick I ran across a interesting thread on the Two Peas in a Bucket Forum. They were discussing "are you a storyteller or journalist scrapbooker?" Which are you? Do you prefer alot of journaling on your pages or just the facts? I think if I had to classify myself as something I'd say I'm a storytelling journalist. I have many pages where its just the facts and photos. Many where its just journaling and no photos. But the majority are a combination of the two, photos and the story behind them. I enjoy having a combination of different types of pages on my albums but when it comes down to putting the pages in my albums I am strictly journalist on that. I must have them in chrono order or I will go crazy. Even if I have to take apart the entire album to put in order, that's what I do. But I do not scrap in chrono order so I have a gazillion unfinished albums. I try to have a album for every year, and album for every year for each child, a album for my moma in law. and a heritage album. Lets not go into how far behind I am on scrapping. LOL.
 My biggest issue is printing photos. I have well over a thousand pics on my computer but I never seem to have the right ones printed out. I dont have space to store all those printed pictures but I also have the worst printer ever. When I try to print photos from it they look horrendous! Maybe I can get a nice photo printer for Christmas this year. (fingers crossed) LOL
Looks like its time to get up and get some cleaning done. I'd love to hear what type of scrapper you are. Leave me a comment.

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