Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week 2 in Review

Sunday, 6 Jan 2013

Today was pretty mundane. I worked 1-10PM, 9 hours. The extra hour as part of my make up time from New Years Eve, when we got off at 9PM instead of 12. I seen a list of movies coming out this year. There were quite a few on the list I would like to see.

Monday, 7 Jan 2013

Today, Dennis and I picked up out text books for class, which starts tomorrow. I discovered that Keiser has an app. Which I promptly downloaded. Only to discover that none of my class work has been posted yet.

Tuesday, 8 Jan 2013

Today was the first day of class, which was great but by the time we got home to learn that Daidrian and Zan' Drea had fevers and severe coughs. As a result, I called out of work to stay home Nd help with the kids.

Wednesday , 9 Jan 2013

Today we went to the lab to work on tutorial one. Which is really confusing. Than I came home and busted out the week one sketches. I am kinda proud of how well they turned out.

Thursday, 10 Jan 2013

Today in class we started tutorial two, which seems way easier than tutorial one, which is still not complete. For dinner we had "fend for yourself night" since I didn't feel like cooking. The kids had a frozen pizza and Dennis and I, both had sandwiches.

Friday, 11 Jan 2013

This morning we had family homework time at the kitchen table. Dj worked on his writing skills, Zan' Drea colored, Dennis read his reading assignment, and I completed tutorial two.

Saturday, 12 Jan 2013

Today was a surprise 7th birthday party for Lucious at Pizza Hut. We had a good time and Lucious seemed to enjoy himself. At the party Daidrian projectile threw up all over my purse. After the party we swung by Hobby Lobby so I could pick up a sketch book for Dennis and a better pencil set for myself. Later on I decide ld to invite Ashley to go to the mall with me to look for a new purse. I got a white Nine West purse.

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