Saturday, January 5, 2013

One Little Word

So I decided to to my one little version of One Little Word this year. I have not taken the class, though I really wish I could. From what I understand, you pick a word that is supposed to be your inspiration/motivation for the year. I chose the word fulfill because that's what i want to do this year. I want to fulfill all my goals and resolutions.
I seen a quote on Pinterest that said }the only person that can keep you from fulfilling your dreams is you". I don't remember who made the quote but I do think its a very fitting for my plans for this year. I have already began making the steps towards fulfilling my dreams and goals.
I have been spent the last couple months mulling over exactly what i want and how i plan to achieve those things. and i am making 2013 the year of new beginnings for me and my family.
If you are participating in One Little Word or something similar I'd love to know what word you picked and why. or even if you just plan on making 2013 your year I'd love to hear form you.

Zanette Mccoy

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