Saturday, January 5, 2013

Week 1 of 2013 in Review

I decided to do weekly reviews this year to assist me in remembering the little details of daily life. That way if I do not have time to sit down and scrap my week immediately, its okay those details are already recorded and saved for future reference.

Tuesday, Jan 1st, 2013
Happy New Year!

Today DJ got up early and went with Grandma, Paw Paw, and Shakira to the family New Year get together. The rest of us didn't go because I had to be at work 2 hours after the gathering was scheduled to begin. We considered going and than Dennis drop me off at work but that would mean that he would need to pick me up at midnight when I get off.
After going to work, I was offered VTO (voluntary time off), so I came home early. Dennis and I started a new show on Netflix called Alias. Its about a woman named Sydney who is an operative for and organization called SD6, this organization tells it lower ranking operatives they are a branch in the CIA but they are not CIA. Sydney finds out that she is not working for the CIA so she goes to the CIA and volunteers as a double agent, to assist in bringing down SD6.

Dinner: Chicken Alfredo

Wednesday, Jan 2nd, 2013
Today was pretty uneventful. We all slept in pretty late due to staying up really late last night. I had to be at work at 3 today so I spent most of my waking hours today at work.

Dinner: Fend for your self night.
DJ: Chicken Nuggets
Zan' Drea: Leftover chicken and beans
Daidrian: Bottle and baby food
Dennis: Chicken strips and fries
Me: BBQ Rib sandwich, Kettle Corn, and Honey Roasted Peanuts

Thursday, Jan 3rd, 2013

 I was off from work, today,  so I took Zan' Drea and DJ with me to hang out with my friend from work, Ashley and her grandpa. We ate Dinner at Bob Evans, DJ and Zan' Drea had chicken strips and fries, Ashley and I had burgers and fries and her grandpa had soup and bread. I brought home some Jimbo's Ribs and fries for Dennis. At 5:30PM I had orientation at Keiser University. My schedule was said I come in every day at 12:05-12:06 AM every day Sun through Sat so I missed the Online portion of orientation while trying to have that fixed. As a result I had to go in on Sat to redo orientation.
Today i decided to do my own version of One Little Word, The word I chose is FULFILL.

Dinner: Bob Evans

 Friday, Jan 4th, 2013

 Today,  Dennis and DJ went and got hair cuts. Dennis got a Mohawk to match DJ since DJ has been asking him to get one. Dennis decided to stop and get Wendy's for lunch on the way home. I had to be at work at 3 again so, I packed my Wendy's for my dinner at work. DJ stayed the night at Lucious (his cousin) and Ti ti (my SIL, Nisha). Daidrian is constipated and was having trouble making bowel movements. I went to change him after I thought he had finished and I noticed he was backed up his anus was all stretched open from where he was pushing and you could see the booboo packed in there. He was clearly struggling and in pain. the area around his anus was kinda hard and and it looked ike his booboo was hard. I considered taking him to he hospital but that could take hours to get him seen so I pushed his legs up to his stomach to help push and took a wet wipe to cover my finger and helped him by pulling out the booboo. This was incredibly gross and the booboo had a little bit of blood. After spending some quality time on google about the matter I found some home remedies for aiding infants with constipation. I gave him some prune juice (which he didn't like but I made him drink) and since than his constipation seems to have left.

Dinner: family Nuggets, fries, and Dennis and I both got 2 Jr bacons. I also packed some snacks in my lunch box.

Saturday, Jan 5th, 2013

Went to orientation at 10:30 AM today with Dennis. During orientation Dennis decided to change his major from Accounting to Design and Multimedia, like me. Who changes their major 2 days before classes start!!!? Surprisingly the advisers made it happen for him now we are in all the same classes. After orientation we came home and picked up Daidrain and Zan' Drea and went to the mall to get some clothes since Keiser has a dress code  that requires business attire.  At the mall we ate some Charley's Steakery.

So that was my week thus far. I decided to do my weeks Sun through Sat. This may change to Mon through Sun, but for now I want to see how this works. Sorry about the TMI about Daidrian's bowl movements, but I really want to make sure I remember that for the scrapbook.

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