Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 3 in Review

Sunday, 13 Jan. 2013

Today I worked 12:30-8:30 to make up for Tuesday, when I called out from work. After work I monitored DJ take his shower and worked on homework.

Monday, 14 Jan. 2013

Today is Nicky's Surprise Baby Shower. She was so surprised that we planned her a baby shower without her knowing. I got her a gift set of diapers, wipes and a couple other diaper changing accessories. I bought cookies for the potluck we had as part of the baby shower.

Tuesday, 15 Jan. 2013

Today I had a schedule change done so I could be off work, because my Mother-In-Law had an appointment at 9AM and couldn't watch the kids while Dennis and I went to class. So, I went to the morning class and Dennis attended the evening class. While Dennis was at class I sent DJ and Zan' Drea to clean the toy room only t0 find the dancing around the toy room to music from Shakira's ipod.

Wednesday, 16 Jan. 2013

Today I called out of work due to the massive amount of homework we still had left. I decided to use sick time instead of making it up. While doing homework, I watched Pocahontas with Zan' Drea. She like the raccoon. at about 8:25 we noticed Emergency lights out side. We watched an Emergency Crew  take someone in an ambulance from our neighbor across the street. I started reading "Witch and Wizard" buy James Patterson today as well.

Thursday, 17 Jan. 2013

Today we had class again. I ended up calling out again but this time due to illness. I really didn't feel good today. Than on top of that I still had homework to finish.

Friday, 18 Jan. 2013

Today, before I went to work, DJ and Zan' Drea were given Jello by Grandma. Zan' Drea calls it bello.

Saturday, 19 Jan. 2013

Today I worked 3:30-11:30 to make up for Thursday when I called out. Work really SUCKED! it was super busy and the manager on duty was being super cranky.

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