Sunday, May 5, 2013

Synopsis Sunday week 18

     This week Keiser University is on Spring break. I still don't know what my final grade is in my Photoshop class.its really starting to stress me out. I tend to worry uncontrollably when I really want to do well on something but don't know where I stand. It's something I really need to work on.

     DJ has been really focused on boxing training. He is developing a good form,  he really seems to be a natural. Most importantly, he really seems to enjoy himself.
     Daidrian has reached that stage where hes into everything! He grabs at anything and everything within reach. I love it because DJ and Zan' Drea never really got like that. Daidrian is really nothing like his brother and sister personality wise.
     I took Zan' Drea fro her first mani/pedi at a salon in out local mall on Wednesday. She LOVED it. I let her pick her own color , she picked the brightest pink (Hot Bubble Gum Pink) they had.

Fight Night
     Dennis and I hosted a fight night for the Mayweather vs Guerrero event. Although it was fun, it was exhausting. I got off work at midnight, than returned for another 8 hr shift at 9, got off work ran to Walmart, cooked, prepared the seating, than finally sat down at drafting table to scrap while I watched the under cards. The main event was good. Mayweather actually apologized for not delivering a knock out. His excuse was that he hurt his right hand, and he was seriously apologetic about it. LOL! Mayweather had no reason to apologize, he delivered a entertaining fight. 

Weekly Randoms