Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Book Review: Forever Odd by Dean Koontz

Forever Odd is a riveting account of Odd Thomas' experience in saving his dear friend from an beautiful yet deranged woman and her 3 devoted companions.

In this book a sex line operator that is obsessed with the paranormal gains the trust of Odd's crippled friend, Danny. Danny meets Datura through her sex line that he began calling. Danny eventually tells about Odd's 6th sense in an attempt to keep er interested in him. Datura becomes convinced that Odd can show her what he sees even though Danny tries to tell her otherwise. Datura and her 3 minions kidnap Danny and kill his father in an attempt to force Odd into showing her the ghosts that he sees. They take Danny to an old deserted casino that was the place of death for many people due to a fire. On the way to the casino they killed one of Datura's disciples.  Odd tracks Danny and his kidnappers to the casino with the help of his 6th sense. He manages to make his way around Datura's men, only to find his friend strapped to a chair that's wired to a bomb. Odd leaves Danny strapped to the chair while he goes off to locate Datura in hopes of convincing her into releasing his friend. He than tricks her into ticking off one of the resident ghosts who than puts on a rather destructive show for Datura, which allows Odd to escape from her and free Danny using the remote detonator to shut off the bomb. Odd proceeds to stash Danny in a hiding place and go bk to lead Datura and her companions off the track of Danny. While doing this he encounters each of the kidnappers separately, where each meet their untimely death. Odd survives to get help and bring Danny back to safety.

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