Monday, February 25, 2013

Synopsis Sunday Week 8

Week of  17 Feb 2013 - 23 Feb 2013

     This week in school we completed our presentations on our projects from week 2 and 3. Which was our Renegade Cakes Project and Brewz Crewz Poster. I do not do well with public speaking or criticism. I get extremely nerves, which causes me to talk a million words per minute. Than taking criticism in person is very hard for me because I feel like I need to defend my actions or view point. This is something I desperately need improvement on, so i was quite surprised I took most of the criticism fairly well. :) The morning class which my husband, Dennis, is in, did a Harlem Shake video. They have all the fun!!! :( Here's The Keiser Shake:

Dennis is the only black person in the class. lol

      We are noticing that DJ is finally starting to get some weight on him. We really struggle with that buoy and eating. He has the most will power i have ever seen. And I'm not talking about just in a child, I mean he has the most will power I've ever seen in anyone.
     Zan' Drea is still determined to not use the potty. She is quick to say she needs to be changed though.
     Daidrian is getting cuter and cuter as he grows. He's currently playing with is feet while I type this.

     We are planning to move the 1st week of March, as long as everything continues as it is supposed to. I'm so excited.