Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Office Tour

      I love looking at craft rooms, both photo and video, so I decided to give you a look into my office. Its more of a area, than a room, but it's mine and I love it. So lets get this party started!!!
This is a overview of the area.
A different angle of the area, the desk to the right is where I do most of my editing, as well as my homework.

My drafting desk, this is where I do most of my creating.

This is under the computer desk. I have a cutting board and cutting mat. In the pink drawer is my extension cord and every other cord that is currently plugged in. The cube houses my flowers and bling in the bottom and the top has my slice and all the accessories and cards, as well as some photos that are already printed.

The drawers under the table hold most of my scrapbooking supplies, and the drawers next to my computer desk hold all of my 12x12 patterned paper. The zebra filer holds all my 12x12 card stock. The table is my cutting table. I lay my cutting mat down on top of it. It also serves as a homework desk for DJ.

This is next to my entertainment center, on top is sewing related items, below that is schooling related items on the left, than on the right is chip board alphas and a mini sewing machine. Below that is 2 broken albums that need to be replaced and the original cricut and some lotion. Below that is more schooling stuff on the left, my big shot sits  on top of 2 art bins, the bottom art bin holds baby food jars full of embellishments the top one holds my cricut cartridges. Below that is a pink drawer that hold decorative edged scissors and my sewing machine, and the bottom has some text books and the current issues of crafty magazines.