Sunday, May 12, 2013

Synopsis Sunday week 19

     This week I began Layout and Composition 1 for Print. I am really enjoying the textbook. It is so informative and interesting. I love that it goes into the history of art. You know, I am a HUGE history fan. Of all the text books we have used so far, this is my favorite. Its not often you want to read a text book cover to cover. This is one of the rare cases that I do. Actually its the only case.

     On Wednesday, Daidrain had an unexplainable injury. He woke up, with a bloody toe. It looked like he stubbed his toe than peeled the skin off. It was so bloody, and raw, and just down right gross. I actually considered taking him to the ER. I mean he doesn't even walk. What on Earth happened to his toe? He didn't seem at all phased by it, not even when I was cleaning it. He could stand up no issue,  just a bloody toe and it was all raw. We have no idea what could have happened. He was in his play pin, sleeping. than he had a bloody toe. Mind boggling.
     This week DJ's eating habits have hit an extreme. Getting him to eat is always a chore, but now the boy wont even eat things he likes, like chicken nuggets. He has been throwing his food behind the refrigerator. Than when we found that out we started to watch a little closer and check places close by where he eats for possible food. Well, Wednesday, He says he ate his chicken. Okay, so I go to check his plate and there's no bones. Hmm. So I asked him, "where's the bones?" "oh I threw them away" okay fine, so I look at the garbage. No bones. hmm... "DJ, I don't see any bones in here." "Oh they fell to the bottom." Okay that could happen. not even a hour later, Dennis moves the living room couch our from the wall, looking for something. Guess what was there. The chicken DJ suposedly ate than threw away the bones. My son, threw 2 chicken drumettes  behind the couch. Ugh, is eating food you like really that big of a deal? WHY? Why would you do that?